Price: Assurance of Quality Products which are compatible with all RO Water Purifiers.
(as of Mar 26,2020 01:09:46 UTC – Details)

Service maintenance kit which can help to maintain good health of your RO water purifier.

  • Spun Filter (10”) Cartridge
  • Inline Sediment Filter
  • Inline Carbon Filer
  • Mineral/Alkaline/Copper Cartridge
  • Inline UF Filter
  • All Fitting Material (Pipe; 8 elbows; Teflone Seal Tape 12mm/ 10Mtr. )

Functions of accessories

  1. Remove bacteria and viruses from the water.
  2. Removes hard water contaminants to give healthy water.
  3. Eliminates chlorine and organic chemicals
  4. Gives perfect water with good taste and odour.

Easy to install accessories with inline installation for Water Purifiers.

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