Price: *Microwave and oven safe. Remove lids before placing in Microwave or Oven. Lids and containers are Dishwasher safe.
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Product Description



Enjoy home-cooked meal anytime and anywhere.




Fantastic Family Helper

Allow you to better organize and storage your meals individually at home.Simply prepare your favorite meals once and store the leftovers.Save your time and relieve your stress of cooking different dinner every night.

Excellent Picnic Tool

Allow you to have a picnic with your family and friends.Pack a full meal for long trips to countryside or easily control your daily intake when dieting.

Great Office Assistant

Allow you to bring meal and have lunch in office.Nothing is better than having a meal ready to go when you’re starving after a workout!

Easy to use and easy to take care of.





Oven Safe

Can be used for baking or cooking in the oven, safe for over 500 degrees Fahrenheit.FDA CERTIFIED FOOD GRADE SAFE & BPA FREE bring you 100% safety.

Freezer Safe

Can be used for freezing in the refrigerator.Make your freezer more clean and effectively prevent tainting in odor.

Microwave Safe

Can be used for warming in the microwave.The material makes it adapt to temperature changes much better.

Dishwasher Safe

Can be used for washing in the dishwasher.Save your time and make your life much more convenient.


*Safely store and keeps food , fruits and vegetables fresh.
*Made of environmentally friendly, Non-Toxic and BPA free premium material.
*Easily stack-able for storage in Refrigerator and freezer.
*Food can be directly stored to the containers after cooking.

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